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4 Reasons To Get Your Roof Washed

Updated: Apr 10

  1. Longevity- Moss and stain infested roofs will lose as much as 50% of their service life from microorganisms. A clean roof will last longer and save property owners thousands of dollars on service and replacement costs.

  2. Energy savings- Your cooling costs will be much cheaper, as stained roofs attract significantly more sunlight than clean roofs.

  3. Curb appeal- Having a clean roof raises home value. Even up to 10-15%.

  4. Shingle warranty- Most manufacturers require any growth of algae or bacteria as well as any staining to be removed or cleaned in order to maintain warranty.

Peak Pressure Wash uses a high quality treatment process for your roof. We spray on a solution that kills the bacteria that feeds on shingle tar. We then leave the solution on the roof for it to continue to work throughout the next few weeks or months. Every time it rains, the solution reactivates and continues to kill the algae and bacteria. Call 423-972-2352 today to get your free quote!

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